A Greek Mythology RPG

A Greek Mythology RP
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Khaos is bored and Gaia is nothing less than herself, but from now on these two will be controlling the lives of everyone from Atalanta to Zelos in a city that never sleeps. I suggest you say your prayers.

Hellenist is a Greek Mythology role playing game with an emphasis on character building and interaction. The Gods have been taken down to our level; do they have what it takes to survive in the modern world? Or will their own petty squabbles destroy them from the inside out?

This game is currently closed.


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1. Please, no "god"modding. Yes, you may be playing a literal god in this game, but we ask that you be polite and do not try to dictate the actions of another character in an overriding manner. Always ask first.

2. Respect the other players. We’re in this for fun, not drama. If you have a problem with another player, please keep it out of the game and do not let it affect the interaction between characters. If it persists and cannot be solved, please contact the mods.

3. Keep an eye on your spelling and grammar, please, to keep mistakes to a minimum. A typo every now and again is understandable, but we do not want writing to become indecipherable.

4. Let's stay in-character! The OOC and crack communities (along with the chat!) are there for a reason!

5. As this is Greek mythology, het/slash/femmeslash is welcome here and any blatant player based bashing will not be tolerated.

6. There will be mature content. However, it is to go under an lj-cut and marked with a warning as such - not everyone wants to read certain things.

7. Please, be active! There is more information on the requirements for activity in the FAQ. If you feel you're having trouble meeting requirements, as always, please contact a mod who can help you work it out.

8. There is more (very important) information answered in the FAQ, so please read it!

For any other comments, questions or concerns, come and visit the FAQ! If you don’t see the answer there, go ahead and contact the mods!

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